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This week set the intention to return to your sacred self and know you are building towards your sacred mission this lifetime!

This week starts with a New Moon in Pisces. Second one in a row. We also have 5 celestial bodies in Pisces. So YES connection to something bigger than ourselves is calling us. For me that’s my impact and legacy. When I return back to consciousness what will I be remembered for on Earth? My answer is simple, I want to help people come back into connection with the Planet, with their Purpose and Pleasure. More details in the Youtube Video below.  

DECLARATION – My path is clear. my heart is strong. I trust spirit.

Hello gorgeous Alchemist!! I’m Kel, so lovely for you to drop by! You are SO welcome here! I am a Spiritual Mentor and Astrologer. Here to show you how to reconnect to the rhythms of nature, clarifying and aligning to your purpose and service this lifetime. So you can achieve those BIG goals and start living that intentional and restorative lifestyle your desire. Filled with pleasure, joy, love and ease!. You’ll find a weekly 13-sign sidereal astrology update here on my website and you’ll also find me on the Socials, links on the bottom toolbar, or subscribe to my YouTube Channel via the video above! If you’re keen to work with me check out Work with Me.


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