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Aligned Celestially


Humans have been gazing at the planets and Stars for thousands, if not millions of years. Just as the moon pulls on our body’s waters and the sun dictates our circadian rhythm, the movement of the planets are reflective of both the cycles on Earth and the changes within each of us.

Are you a wellness professional, energy worker, lightworker, healer, mystic, alchemist or mindset coach and you’re seeking clarity around your service?

Perhaps you’ve been drawn to the planets and stars but dismissed most of the mainstream astrology because it just didn’t feel powerful enough for you?

Lets be honest, there have been times when you:

Feel like no matter what, you keep repeating PATTERNs and just can’t quite work out what the lesson is so you can break the cycle.

Keep attracting clients in a hit-and-miss way, and deep down you’re not completely sure you’re living in alignment with your highest purpose.

Feel afraid to niche your service and feel trapped when you do because it’s not quite IT.

You know that you’re intuitive but confusion, doubt, worry, lack and procrastination hold you back regularly from authentically using these powerful gifts in service.


Finally understanding those repeating situations and circumstances in your life and embody the lessons as part of your story and message and share them to attract soul clients.

Understanding yourself deeply, taking personal responsibility for your challenges or weaknesses, leaning into your natural gifts and strengths and tapping into your highest purpose to be of highest joy and service this life.

Accessing the potent power of the actual observable placement of the planets and channeling your Experiential Alchemy.

Knowing exactly what to do when confusion, doubt, worry, lack and procrastination rises, magnetising clients and the evolution of your purpose with ease.


I plot your 13 Sign Sidereal Birth Chart, which uses the accurate Astronomical placement of the planets at the moment of your Birth.

I describe your unique Archetypal Energy based on your Birth Chart.

We then go on an Experiential and Intuitive Journey together allowing the Planets to speak. 

This is a potent process which reveals your Alchemical Wisdom and Power.

Why 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology?

We’ve been fed a lie with modern Western Astrology, also known as Tropical Astrology. You see, Tropical Astrology (which is about 90% of the astrology Westerners read), bears no relation to the constellations in the sky either when you were born (natal astrology) or now! (transits).

Tropical Astrology locked the bodies to the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.

For example, when a Tropical Astrologer says the Moon is Full in Aries it’s actually located in Pisces. Why is this? Tropical Astrology does not account for precession which is the wobble of the earth’s axis, causing the equinox to drift approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Thus, Tropical Astrology is 28 degrees ahead of where you can observe the planet in the sky.

Sidereal (from the latin word Sidus meaning Star) Astrology relates the planets to the constellations and can be traced back to 2600 BCE when the Babylonians were watching the moving stars (visible planets) to the fixed stars (Zodiac) along the ecliptic (where the planets revolve around the sun). Importantly, using Sidereal Astrology, the planets can be observed in the sky where they physically are today. Making astrology and astronomy match and make sense on a physical experiential level. Additionally, the ecliptic has a 13th zodiac known as Ophuichus, which sits in line with Scorpio, right before Sagittarius. Soul Service Astrology has included this sign because the planets do move through this Zodiac as the ecliptic passes through it, just like it does with all the other signs.

Another thing to note, when bringing astrology and astronomy together, the zodiac boundaries are all uneven. Modern Tropical, and some versions of Sidereal Astrology divide them into 30 degrees each, which is inaccurate. Soul Service Astrology accepts that the zodiac is physically uneven and what you will find in astronomical placements.

You’ll get:

1x 90 minute private zoom session with Kellie, which is recorded and sent to you to download and keep.

A PDF Version of your 13 Sign Sidereal Birth Chart.

Private Session

Understand your Unique Alchemical Celestial Energetic Signature this lifetime!

Birth Chart

You will be provided a PDF version of your Chart in full gorgeous colour!



$333 AUD

for a Soul Service Astrology Birth Chart Evaluation.

Why not also include a 12-month Transit Report?

This includes an additional 90 minute session with Kellie to describe how the next 12-months of current planetary placements directly affect you and your Natal Chart Energy. Great for planning and mapping out you year!

Total $666 AUD. Message me if you’d like this option.

Still not sure? Why not try a Channelled Evaluation for $111 AUD. 

You’ll receive a PDF copy of your 13 Sign Sidereal Birth Chart and a 20 minute recorded overview, both emailed to you. 

If you then decide you’d like a full birth chart evaluation or the transit package I’ll discount the full price by $111.