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13 Lunar Month - Equinox to Equinox by Soul Service Astrology

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This planner is for the successful professional soul led entrepreneurs who still love a physical planner and want to plan their day, week and month in alignment with the Moon, solar Season and Stars so you can lead an easeful, joy filled and creative Life and Business!

The Soul Service 2023 Astrological Planner aims to provide a beautiful and simple way to plan your day, week, month and year. The planner has been designed to be led by the lunar months, which begin on each New Moon and the four Solar points, Spring/Autumn Equinox’s and Summer/Winter Solstices. Planning with these two celestial phenomena front and centre allows you to remember you were born from the Planets and Stars! Igniting Awe! Awe is an amazing emotion. It allows us to feel connected to the essence of something greater than us, be more compassionate, behave in a more and expand into opportunities in an environmentally conscious way!

Each day has space for your appointments and key tasks and includes a main astrological transit, these are the angles the planets make with each other as observed from Earth. This is an additional opportunity to connect and get curious with the different archetypal energies, presenting us a chance to explore any shifts or changes we desire to make. The planner includes an easy-to-follow AstroMatrix so you can start learning about the archetypal qualities of the planets and how they express in each Zodiac and together.

This planner also has a double page spread after each week which is dot lined and blank for notes on what’s happening in your environment (inner and outer of course!), ideas, sparks of inspiration, journalling and creativity!!!

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Who is this planner for?

Humans, creatives, entrepreneurs and regenerators. Where planning, journalling and creating merge with the viewing of our celestial neighbourhood, our closest celestial body the moon and our seasonal environment. To give us opportunities to pause, reflect, observe and tend to our ecological self. The self that is the Earth, interconnected. But also, to be fully human and plan our days.

What’s Inside!

Monthly Layout

Full 13-month (March 2023 to March 2024) calendar spread at the front of the planner to map out your Lunar and Solar year.

Soul Service Astrology AstroMatrix and Guide

For you to learn and tap into the potential and opportunities presented by the daily Moon and Celestial Aspects.

Weekly Layout

Vertical view 2-page weekly spreads for appointments and notes. Additional blank dot lined 2-page spread after each week for journalling and creativity!

Solar and Lunar 

Quarterly Equinox / Solstice spread.

Monthly New Moon spread – signifying the beginning of each lunar month.

Daily 13-Sign Sidereal Astrology

Moon Phase and Sign. Matching what you can see in the sky!

Main Astrological Transit. Matching what you can see in the sky!

Extra Space

Space for Daily Wellness Tending! Space for daily key tasks!

A note from Kellie – I love a physical planner but I was getting so upset I couldn’t find a 13-Sign Sidereal one that I took it upon myself to create it! I’m currently funding this project myself from my business. I’ve hired a wonderful and amazing Graphic Designer. Together we really want to bring this planner into reality and your support during the pre-sale made it happen. I would be so grateful if you share this with friends whom you think would love this planner! You will be directly contributing to at 2 Australian small businesses.


Runs from March Equinox 2023 – until March Equinox 2024

Start Day: Monday

A5 Size (14.8 x 21 x 2.5cm)


Glorious Fabric Hardcover with Copper Foiling.

Can lay flat.

120 GSM Paper


This planner is founded on 13-Sign Sidereal Astrology, which at it’s core is observational / ecological astrology because it’s looking at what can be seen in sky! Yes, we’ve been fed a lie with modern Western Astrology, also known as Tropical Astrology!

You see, Tropical Astrology bears no relation to the constellations in the sky. Tropical Astrology has locked the bodies to the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.  For example, when a Tropical Astrologer says the Moon is Full in Aries its actually located in Pisces. Why is this? Tropical Astrology does not account for precession which is the wobble of the earth’s axis. This causes the equinox to drift approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Thus, Tropical Astrology is 28 degrees ahead of where you can observe the planet in the sky.

Sidereal (from the latin word Sidus meaning Star) Astrology relates the bodies to the constellations and can be traced back to 2600 BC when the Sumerians and Babylonians were watching the moving stars (visible planets) to the fixed stars (constellations) along the ecliptic (where the planets revolve around the sun). Importantly, using 13- Sign Sidereal Astrology, the planets can be observed in the sky. Making astrology and astronomy match.

Additionally, the ecliptic has a 13th constellation known as Ophiuchus, which sits in line with Scorpio, right before Sagittarius. Another thing to note, when bringing astrology and astronomy together, the constellation boundaries are all uneven. Modern Tropical, and some versions of Sidereal Astrology divide them into 30 degrees each. I have allowed the constellations to be uneven and closely match what you will find in most astronomy apps.

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