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Astrology Forecast week of 11 April 2022 Sidereal

This week is an opportunity to examine your Spiritual/Mystical thoughts and beliefs. Do you have any? Are they supportive? The Neptune Jupiter conjunction is Pisces is a really big shout for us to embrace our holistic Mystical Intelligence. I know we are the expanding universe. Yes, it’s mind blowing to think about where we really started!

Mercury shifts into Aries offers you an opportunity to focus in on any logical or analytical tasks you may need to get done or get going.

The week ends with a Virgo Full Moon, the 2nd Full Moon in Virgo in a row. To me this suggests a focus on the archetypal energy of Virgo. Virgo is the Erudite, wisdom back knowledge, knowledge with purpose and wisdom for Service. It most definitely is not just for us alone, but it is for us first. A full moon shine a light into our inner worlds, our emotional intelligence.

How are you using your wisdom to serve you?

How are you using your wisdom in relation to your wellness?

How are you feeling in relation to your wisdom and wellness?

Have a listen to the Astrology Forescast for week of 11 April 2022 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you want the Sidereal Dates I have prepared this article especially for you!

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