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Astrology Forecast week of 25 April 2022 Sidereal

The week starts off with our Magician (Saturn) checking in and making sure we are NOT mind F&$king ourselves. Notice those stories you tell yourself and see if you can shine some compassion inside.

Venus steps into Pisces and meets Neptune and Jupiter this week providing an opportunity to surrender even further into our connected Mystical Intelligence, our faith and truth. This week there is magic in the air and an opportunity to feel into something greater, the beautiful unknown energy of what if?

At the end of the week Pluto appears to stop and we have a Solar Eclipse (NEW MOON) in Aries very close to Uranus.

The opportunity of this Pluto retrograde ( is to burn down or liberate those beliefs you do not know enough or are not enough. It’s a slow burn but it MUST happen!

The new moon Solar Eclipse is an opportunity … for your wilful driven focused Emotional Intelligence that is part of YOU and your Identity to be radically Authentic in your creativity and expression and pour your heart and soul into sharing your Vision!

Ego, Identity and Action all have their place in our world to bring the FIRE, SPIRIT and the CHANGE.

Fire up those Sacred Flames, stoke your loins and sharpen your blades. CHARGE!!!

Have a listen to the Astrology Forescast for week of 25 April 2022 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you want the Sidereal Dates I have prepared this article especially for you!

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