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Astrology Horoscope Sidereal for 3 January 2022.

Still plenty of Liberator and wild dreaming energy around but there is a shift this week with a bit more methodological and mystical leader. YES! The leader can also be mystic!


Monday, we have a New Moon in Sagittarius very close to Venus and Pluto. It marks the official end of Eclipse season. Make sure you remember what you learnt about your desires! This is where you can lock in your intentions towards your WILD Dreams. The ones that liberate you from your comfort zone and encourage you to step into WILD Faith in yourself and dream a better world.

Monday, also sees Mercury move into Ophiuchus. Our Warrior energy has wounds. We need to take a break to let this heal. Stop. Tend to Self care. It’s not a long period of time. But it is necessary.

Capricorn energy starts to build from now on which is really good for our Wild Dreams! We can break them down and use our methodologies to set actionable goals. Just make sure you curate your energy to and don’t make it too logical! Our WILD goals need WILD energy!

At the end of the week Venus and the Sun meet up in Sagittarius. You’ve got your WILD Dream, you’ve got your WILD Goals, now go and CONNECT and CREATE. Let that passionate, joyful energy infuse your intentions for your new ideas and intentions!

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Have a listen to the Astrology Horoscope Sidereal for week of 3 January 2022 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you do want the Sidereal Dates I have prepared this article especially for you!


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