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This week is all about loving ourselves just as we are. There are no blocks. Only thoughts holding us back. decide to change your mind.

The destroyer is smashing through our beliefs, not just for fun, but to EXPAND our view our horizon! We don’t see the higher (bigger) possibilities when stuck in confusion, doubt or overwhelm. Our view is clouded. That doesn’t mean its not there! Our inner Rockstar just wants to shine, full throttled, heart pumping, creation, expression, fun and experience!

Your mission (the north node) calls for you to merge with deep Self Love (Venus in Taurus). We are called to remember the mission we came to earth to fulfil during this moment and do it with connection to our values and desires! And more importantly to not sacrifice ourselves for material gain or drain ourselves of every last drop of self esteem. This experience called life is meant to be FUN!

The north node asks us to move towards those things that make us step outside our comfort zone. The places we are called to go but scare us a little or a lot! You need deep Self love and self esteem to do these things!

More details in the Youtube Video below.  

Prompt – where can I love myself and my mission this moment even MORE?

Hello gorgeous Alchemist!! I’m Kel, so lovely for you to drop by! You are SO welcome here! I am a Spiritual Mentor and Astrologer. Here to show you how to shift doubt/procrastination/confusion, reconnect to your intuition via the natural cycles, clarify your purpose, ditch expectation and embody your Freedom to Shine! Create a Life and business filled with pleasure, joy, love and ease! I also teach Astrology, Sidereal 13 Sign Style, through my program Soul Service Astrology.

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