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every challenge presents an opportunity. archetypal energy this week presents opporunity to grow as the leader you desire to be, love yourself more and shift thoughts that no longer serve.

The Leader expressing in the sign of the Leader wants us to step up, consolidate our strengths and LEAD, not get distracted by micro-managing things that perhaps we should delegate. Yes we need to make changes and the mind is going to try and keep you safe, suggesting or perhaps yelling, stick with what you know! You have everything you need to be the architect of your life, make changes and implement actions towards them. TRUST.THAT

Venus moves into Taurus. In light aspect Venus in Taurus is Inanna in the underworld rescuing their sister Ereshkigal, an aspect of their Self, deeply rooted to their values and unconditional love. They know at times we must look at our shadows to then come back into the physical world, deeply in love with ourselves. This can feel like war.

In shadow aspect Venus uses the material things in life to feel better, to feel loved. Ignoring the Self. Ignoring Self Love, Ignoring Embodiment. Giving into desires fuelled by only what they see, touch and hear.

Over the next few weeks feel where you are on this spectrum of Venus.

More details in the Youtube Video below.  

DECLARATION – I have everything I need to be the architect of MY life, make changes and implement actions towards them.

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