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The more subtle energy associated with this ARIES new moon on Wed 12 May 2021, stop fighting yourself.

Humans think too small, we are so afraid of how vast we are, we keep ourselves small and fixed to the material realm. Think about it 5000-6000 years ago a number of spiritual philosophies all seemed to pop into human consciousness, they share many similarities and many around the world still use these practices today. We think we are so much more evolved now, compared to this period in history. But I question this, why are so many suffering? Why are so many turning to these practices? I feel its because we hear an inner call, there is something MORE to this life. The call of your mission. It scares us because it’s not what we or society expects of us.

New Moon 5am AEST ARIES 12 May 2021
As we step into a new moon cycle today with the Innocent expressing in action orientated Aries. This is excitable energy, lets play, lets do, lets run, lets move! Let your excitement up and out! Let it vibrate through your being. Let the electric energy supercharge your intentions, tasks and to do lists! Don’t forget to MOVE!

The Sun moves into Taurus this week as well, our heart moves into a period where it gets to reconnect to earth, its values and all the abundance this beautiful home of ours offers! So let you heart swell with the sweet abundance you have in your world, even if you desire more, let it swell with gratitude for what you already have. Hold it in your heart with reverence and magnify this feeling of appreciation for Earth and all the abundance around you!

More details in the Youtube Video below.  

PROMPT – CAN I STOP FIGHTING MY MIND AND MISSION and forgive myself for any past mistakes?

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