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astrology update 2 august 2021

The planets offer us an opportunity for excitement this week!

While were still moving a bit slower with the retrograde energy of the outer planets, Uranus (the only outer planet moving forward) dances with Venus and the Sun this week getting us a little bit fired up!!

The week ends, literally on 8 August at Midnight exact AEST with a New Moon in Cancer. We are born renewed, excited. We have felt our emotions, danced with sadness and now we can create WITH our inner child, with awe and wonderment.

So yes, while we are still processing this week, we also get to have some FUN. My challenge is to include PLAY everyday! Because why not??!

More details for this week’s Astrology Update 2 August 2021 in the Youtube Video below.  


your emotions are born anew.

this week celestial energies shift from being dominated by Cancer, water energy, to more Leo and Fire energy. I feel our emotions, now calm. Having sat with them and listened, our light can rise and shine, play and dance. Be excited and have fun, even though there may be some lingering darkness or sadness.

Let’s invite our inner child out to play!!!

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