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Energies this week are shifting and changing, lots of planets changing sign or direction, which means we are stepping into a period of CHANGE.

Not just any old change, we want clear minded, calm, joyous and aligned change. Change driven my our soul and desires for a better life and world Vision! It’s not just about us now is it?

The full moon this week sees Our inner world shining as bright and as BIG as the sun, its a good time to shed your worries about external opinions and go interact, be human, go tell that person they hurt you, go tell that person you’d like to get to know them better, go tell that person I won’t tolerate being treated like that, go connect with those peeps you LOVE to be around!

Pluto also goes retrograde this week, with the first celestial body to start appearing to move backwards. It moves slowly. Therefore, archetypally its a slow descent, a slow coming to terms, with an inner reflection, all the while still needing to be within the world and conscious.

Even as we start to turn inward with retrograding Pluto and becoming conscious of our subconscious, jovial, curious Jupiter, the shapeshifter, moves into the sign of the radical visionary. This should feel like a BIG blast of FUN and IDEAS! Think standing on a mountain on the edge and being blasted by those fresh winds. Feels scary but also exhilarating!

More details in the Youtube Video below.  

Overall, this week is about getting us focused into re/programming our reality so we can change how we want to.

It’s not careful what you wish for, it’s careful what you mind thinks!

Commit to being stubborn, only those thoughts in harmony with your values get to live on.

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