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Your Payment for the Soul Service Astrology 2023 has been received!

Presale Freebies!


Kellie is behind the scenes doing a happy dance that you just purchased this self funded Planner! Seriously!!! Feel those vibes of supporting a small creative team with big love and passions!

Download the Weekly Scheduling Page


Download the July 2022 to March 2023      13-Sign Sidereal Moon Calendar.

It looks good printed in grey scale or black and white on a home printer.


Astrology in Action Masterclass

In this BONUS Masterclass I teach you how to read your 13 Sign Sidereal Birth Chart and how to evaluate each Phase of the Moon so it’s personlised for YOU!!

This will help you honour your feelings and deepen your connection to you Emotional Intelligence and nervous system.

Please send me an email at and request a print of your 13-Sign Sidereal Birth Chart. I’ll need Birth date, Time and Location.

The Masterclass slides are included as a bonus to download click the button below!

Love the Planner?

Why not order a bulk pack of 10 for a discounted $555 plus shipping Australia only. Gift them to loved ones or beloved clients!

Why not join me in the Eco Alchemy Collective?

Eco Alchemy will be your collective and place to be heard and held. A regenerative space for sharing, purging, connection and celebrating!

This collective is for you if:
You’re a creative, wellness professional, intuitive guide, energy worker, lightworker, healer, mystic, alchemist or mindset coach and you’re seeking regular conversations, support and grounding with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What’s included?

  • Detailed Daily Planetary aspects and interpretation available a week in advance! It provides invitations and opportunities for you to explore, inquire and play via the portal of the planets! This is the only space I share this information.
  • Monthly New Moon online Circles for conversing and sharing. Personalised, time specific astrological wisdom and space to talk through it based on your chart each Month!
  • Community space and place outside of social media (podia)!
  • Adhoc Extras – meditations, masterclasses and Energy Evaluations!

You can join monthly ($55/mth) or annually ($590/year).

If you join annually, I will also provide a 20 minute recorded evaluation of your 13-Sign Sidereal Birth Chart.

An online Collective to tend to our Mystical Intelligence, our Alchemy in deep communion with Earth and Sky.

Hope, Imagination, rejoice, rejuvenate, restore, reimagine and recalibrate!


As noted pre-purchase your order will not be shipped immediately, Februray 2023 is when the planners will be posted to you. This is a presale to enable the planner to be designed and printed. You are directly funding this process!!! Without YOU this planner would be impossible!!! So THANK YOU!!!

I will keep you updated via email with developments and sneaky peeks at the sample!

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Facebook Group

Sidereal stars with Kellie G

This is a FREE group run by Kellie. Tap into the Energy of the Planets and Stars, access your consciousness and SHINE your Soul and Service into the world! This group provides weekly Celestial Energies. Plus regular astro updates and regular LIVE energy evaluations.