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Sidereal Astrology dates weekly forecast 13 December 2021.

Several Planets shifting signs, Venus stations retrograde and ANOTHER Taurus Full Moon! Means there is big energy available to us ALL to transcend our limits and lean into our higher potentials.



Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Monday. The mind is liberated in Sag! Play, be curious, indulge in knowledge quests! A great time to be speaking and sharing our dreams with others too. Speak it and it will be.

Mars moves into Scorpio on Thursday. Our focus and action may start to feel directed towards our most important relationships, sex, death, transformation or the TABOO. oooooo

Friday our visionary is called to take action BUT in a methodical way!!! Uranus is square Saturn and this is a great aspect to inquire within, what’s stopping me from being a Vision lead leader? OR Is my vision REALLY backed up by my mastery?

Saturday sees Venus station retrograde. This is when Inanna (as Venus) heads into the underworld and sheds layers to uncover thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are limiting our success, abundance and growth. Well timed with Mars in Scorpio. It’s a good time to have a rest and be aware of your subconscious programing. this generally comes up as confusion, frustration, procrastination or fear of loosing everything you already have. Movement, somatic work and deep meditation can assist in this process.

This is all topped off on Sunday with a Taurus Full Moon to complete the eclipse season. What have you learnt since the last Taurus Full Moon on the 19th of Nov? Especially around money, possessions, values – what still needs to be released? What are you crafting out of aligned beauty and desire?

There is much healing to be done this week as we walk (not crash!!) into holiday season. A rest is well timed. Please allow space and time for yourself!

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Have a listen to the Sidereal Astrology for week of 13 Dec 2021 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you do want the Sidereal Dates I have prepared this article especially for you! 


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Hello gorgeous Alchemist!! I’m Kel, so lovely for you to drop by! You are SO welcome here! I am a Sidereal Astrologer, Writer, Teacher and Mystic. I am also the creator of Soul Service Astrology!

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This is coming back to your Ecological Self.

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Understand yourself deeply, take personal responsibility for your challenges or weaknesses, lean into your natural gifts and strengths and tap into your highest purpose to be of highest joy and service this life.

Access the potent power of the actual observable placement of the planets for divination, channeling and Experiential Alchemy. Your client will connect easily to something they can see (via an astronomy app or their home telescope!) than purely channeling an aspect of consciousness that doesn’t mean anything to them.

This will increase your accuracy with clients and the potency and power of your clients experience. This is essential to build a solid referral base, raving fans and a practice that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Know exactly what to do when confusion, doubt, worry, lack and procrastination rises, magnetizing clients and the evolution of your service with ease.

You feel supremely confident in the service you offer, as a Professional Astrologer, and you know your clients will transform via your service.

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