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Sidereal Astrology Horoscope for week commencing 17 January 2022

The week starts off with a Full Moon in Cancer (18 Jan) when Uranus goes direct.

The Cancer Full Moon (emotions) is opposite the Sun conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius, prepare for a big emotional purge. Cancer is Storm Rider energy opposite our Creator (Sun) liberating themselves of inauthentic identity and expression. You get to farewell parts of you, you no longer identify with, you get to express anything and everything you’ve been perhaps bottling up. Where are your needs not being meet? Purges are good. We are deeply interconnected with water, it comprises over 75% of our human form. Our feelings and emotions are the waves, that ripple out and connect with Spirit. Be like the tides, go with the flow if you can.

Uranus moving direct allows us to start Visioning the changes you need to make in bringing your WILD Why to life, start to stoke the inner inspirational and imaginative fires. The mind (as Mercury) is in reflection mode on what your Leadership looks and feels like. This is where you get to craft and create yourself as the Chief Vision Officer of your Life and Business. You’re preparing to take action, informed, integrated, a consolidated and Wise Leader.

On Friday 21 Jan, the Sun moves into Capricorn joining retrograde Mercury and Saturn. Have you felt into and perhaps mind-mapped out your W.I.L.D Dream?
Wonderful and Weird
Intentional and Inclusive

No specific strategy to do this, do whatever feels right for you.
With our Creator in Capricorn we can then craft our W.I.L.D Goals from these dreams. What needs to be done to start your journey towards your W.I.L.D?

Weird and Wise
Intuitively and Intellectually SMART-ly
Designed Desires

Yes, I had fun making these acronyms!

To round out the week, Mars action and focus moves into Sagittarius after an 18-day interlude in Ophiuchus. You might not have felt like you knew up from down. I know I felt a bit nebulous but now we can let mars have some fun, direct our curiosity and help us see the bigger WILD picture with the help of Sagittarius the liberator! Keep coming back to those wild crazy dreams of yours because anything is possible!

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Have a listen to the Sidereal Astrology Horoscopes for week of 17 January 2022 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you do want the Sidereal Dates I have prepared this article especially for you!


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