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Sidereal Astrology Horoscope week of 7 February 2022.

Overall, this week we have the opportunity to start to back ourselves and our W.I.L.D dreams. We get to stoke our sacred inner flame and start toe really FEEL it and maybe even share it a lil??

Have a listen and let me know what comes up for you?


Mon 7rd Feb

Chrion Pisces SQUARE Mars Sagittarius

Our wounded healer can take us deeper into our Mystical Nature but we do need to take action around habits that hold us back.

What uncomfortable change are you being called to make? What one small step can you take?

Tues 8th Feb

Uranus Aries TRINE Mars Sagittarius

Visionary Warrior energy FLOWS into our focus and drive and start to MOVE, look, see, travel, connection be joyful EXPLORE.

Stoke your inner sacred flame and get going!

Wed 9th feb

Minor Triangle with Jupiter Aquarius at apex – mars/venus Sagittarius and Uranus Aries

Focused energy pouring out for us to engage with our expansive vision, take action letting it be fed by our embodied liberator design freedom from constraints.

What does your freedom feel and look like?

What does the collective freedom, in your opinion or imagination, feel and look like?

Thurs 10th Feb

Pluto conjunct Mercury Sagittarius – third and last time

Third times a charm! The destructive liberator moves over your Mind ONE MORE TIME.

So, what have you surrendered to feel more liberated to be acting more in congruence with your WILD nature?

How are you connecting to the planet? Is your mind experiencing presence and gratitude or is it still trapped in a spinning wheel of thoughts?

Sat 12th Feb

Venus and Mars conjunct in Sagittarius – around for the rest of the month

Our regenerator connector and personal will meet up and want liberation TOGETHER!

I feel like I’ve been talking about liberation and freedom for about 6 weeks! That’s how much energy there has been in Sagittarius.

This is wild energy shaking off our shackles having fun, being joyful and curious – connecting!! BUT also DOING. Taking action and being the demonstration of the freedom and changes you wish to see in the world.

It doesn’t have to be dull or sad, action can happen through joy and curiosity!

Have a listen to the Sidereal Astrology Horoscopes for week of 7 February 2022 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you want the Sidereal Dates I have prepared this article especially for you!


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