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Sidereal Astrology  week of 13 SEPTEMBER 2021.


The Mystic really wants us to shine Authentically and come back into connection with the Planet, the solar system and the universe, this week. We are not separate. You can use your life’s challenges as fuel in your Alchemy, you can be vulnerable and still serve. You can heal while healing. You are never not broken and you are not broken. So how can you break!

Pluto in Sagittarius is very supportive this week allowing us to smash through beliefs and trust ourselves more and more.

The exiting fire energy was so needed to get us fired up to start to serve ourselves first so that we can bring our mystical magic earth side and serve others. And perhaps, just perhaps, those challenges you’ve faced and overcome can help someone else!

Have a listen to the Sidereal Astrology for week of 13 September 2021 YouTube video for more detail.

Hello gorgeous Alchemist!! I’m Kel, so lovely for you to drop by! You are SO welcome here! I am a Sidereal Astrologer, Writer, Teacher and Mystic. Here to show you how accurate Sidereal Astrology (13 Sign Sidereal) can help you finally understand those repeating situations and circumstances in your life and embody the lessons as part of your story and message and share them to attract soul clients.

Understand yourself deeply, take personal responsibility for your challenges or weaknesses, lean into your natural gifts and strengths and tap into your highest purpose to be of highest joy and service in Life and your Business. 

You’ll find a Sidereal Astrology update 13 sign here on my website and you’ll also find me on the Socials, links on the bottom toolbar, or subscribe to my YouTube Channel via the video above! If you’re keen to work with me check out Work with Me.

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