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Sidereal Astrology  week of 29 November 2021.


This week is off the charts amazing.

I want you to feel that energy and excitement before we begin. Perhaps lean into the feeling state of What if? What if, my week is FULL to the brim of excitement and healing?

Because that’s what this week offers. It’s EASY to step into our Spiritual / Mystical Nature. It’s EASY to look into ourselves, at the scary messy wounded parts. It’s EASY to heal yourself.

Set the intention now, before watching the Video.

Then at the end of the week under the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio step into your Power that traverses both light and dark. That can stand with gratitude and grief. That can be both Spiritual and Logical. That is not afraid of change.

Have a listen to the Sidereal Astrology for week of 29 November 2021 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you do want to find your Sidereal Sun I have prepared this article especially for you! 


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