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Sidereal Astrology  week of 25 October 2021.


This week is flavour by two different T-squares both involving the moon. T-squares are Mars like energy is get as STRONG!! A warrior needs to be strong so we need to experience archetypes that can raise things in our consciousness!!! It may not feel overly nice BUT just know if you do go with it, STRENGTH awaits!!

The first T-square on Monday is asking us to step into our God nature more. Feeling into our body and emotions, not playing it safe and staying in relationships just because even when you values aren’t aligned!!! Yes stepping into Spirit and Soul FEELS uncomfortable, but if it didn’t we wouldn’t build the stamina to keep meeting ourselves as God! So meditate, get into you body and LISTEN to what it tells you. It has a wisdom to share!

The second T-square is teaching is how to be emotionally intelligent Leaders via the integration of our Creativity into Service. You can Lead and be Creative. You can be Creative, Lead AND know how to feel and process your emotions! You are good enough, nope, you are GREAT enough just as you are. The minute you realise that, you step into your Soul shine

Have a listen to the Sidereal Astrology for week of 25 October 2021 YouTube video for more detail.

And if you do want to know what your Sidereal Sun Sign is I have prepared this article especially for you! 

Hello gorgeous Alchemist!! I’m Kel, so lovely for you to drop by! You are SO welcome here! I am a Sidereal Astrologer, Writer, Teacher and Mystic. Here to show you how accurate Sidereal Astrology (13 Sign Sidereal) can help you finally understand those repeating situations and circumstances in your life and embody the lessons as part of your story and message and share them to attract soul clients.

Understand yourself deeply, take personal responsibility for your challenges or weaknesses, lean into your natural gifts and strengths and tap into your highest purpose to be of highest joy and service in Life and your Business. 

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