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Become the astrologer of your life and service

Humans have been gazing at the planets and Stars for thousands, if not millions of years. Just as the moon pulls on our body’s waters and the sun dictates our circadian rhythm, the movement of the planets are reflective of both the cycles on Earth and the changes within each of us.

This is your opportunity to connect with the planets to amplify your creativity and imagination, plan and clarify your service and recalibrate to the frequency of your unique potential and expression of conscious success.

If you value your connection with the earth, the seasons and the moon, Soul Service Astrology will amplify your symbiotic connection with the whole solar system and take your potency and co-creative power with the universe to a whole new level.

Soul Service Astrology transforms you into the Astrologer of your life and service, as you embody and integrate your unique journey, strengths, wisdom and power, in relationship with the earth, seasons, moon and planets. . You will experience transformation through the Soul Service Astrology method of Experiential Alchemy, map out your Soul Service Plan and then learn how to share this wisdom and experience with others in your service business.

I’m ready!

Please request the full course outline below for all term dates and course inclusions.


Reject the current popular paradigm of business which focuses on making money only, at any cost and selling your soul.

Are a wellness professional, intuitive guide, energy worker, lightworker, healer, mystic, alchemist or mindset coach and you’re seeking a tool that is grounded in ancient lineage, science and the natural cycles.

Need a documented plan co-created with Spirit and Strategy to enable you to get clear and aligned with your goals for success.

Deeply desire freedom and success for yourself and your clients, in a way that serves the planet.

Have always been drawn to the planets and stars but dismissed most of the mainstream astrology because it just didn’t feel powerful enough for you (this is probably because it was inaccurate!).

Love the planet with all your heart and know we must privilege it first in all we do.

It’s time to really embrace all of YOU, to supercharge your creativity and imagination and to step into your soulful service with ACCURATE astrology to help your clients live in alignment with their truth and contribute to a new way of relating to the earth.

Let’s be honest, you’ve faced times where you:

Feel like no matter what, you keep repeating challenging patterns and just can’t quite work out what the lesson is so you can break the cycle.

Keep attracting clients in a hit-and-miss way, and deep down you’re not completely sure you’re living in alignment with your highest purpose.

Feel afraid to niche your service and feel trapped when you do because it’s not quite IT.

You know that you’re creative and powerfully intuitive but confusion, doubt, worry, lack and procrastination hold you back regularly from authentically using these powerful gifts in service.

Aren’t facilitating the transformation you know is possible for your clients, so you question whether you’re going crazy or should look into a new career or business idea!

Imagine You …

Finally understand those repeating situations and circumstances in your life and embody the lessons as part of your story and message and share them to attract soul clients.

Understand yourself deeply, take personal responsibility for your challenges or weaknesses, lean into your natural gifts and strengths and tap into your highest purpose to be of highest joy and service this life.

Have a documented Life and Biz Plan that you can use to craft your ongoing Service, built using your unique Celestial Alchemy! Spirit and Strategy combined!

Access the potent power of the actual observable placement of the planets for divination, channeling and Experiential Alchemy. Your client will connect easily to something they can see (via an astronomy app or their home telescope!) than purely channeling an aspect of consciousness that doesn’t mean anything to them.

This will increase your accuracy with clients and the potency and power of your clients experience. This is essential to build a solid referral base, raving fans and a practice that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Know exactly what to do when confusion, doubt, worry, lack and procrastination rises, magnetising clients and the evolution of your service with ease.

You feel supremely confident in the service you offer, as a Professional Astrologer, and you know your clients will transform via your service.

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Sidereal Astrology update for week of 13 September 2021

Why become a 13 Sign Sidereal Astrologer?

We’ve been fed a lie with modern Western Astrology, also known as Tropical Astrology. You see, Tropical Astrology (which is about 90% of the astrology Westerners read), bears no relation to the constellations in the sky either when you were born (natal astrology) or now! (transits).

Tropical Astrology locked the bodies to the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.

For example, when a Tropical Astrologer says the Moon is Full in Aries it’s actually located in Pisces. Why is this? Tropical Astrology did not account for precession which is the wobble of the earth’s axis, causing the equinox to drift approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Thus, Tropical Astrology is 25 degrees ahead of where you can observe the planet in the sky.

Sidereal (from the Latin word Sidus meaning Star) Astrology relates the bodies to the constellations and can be traced back to 2600 BC when the Babylonians were watching the moving stars (visible planets) to the fixed stars (Zodiac) along the ecliptic (where the planets revolve around the sun). Importantly, using Sidereal Astrology, the planets can be observed in the sky where they physically are today. Making astrology and astronomy match and make sense on a physical experiential level. Additionally, the ecliptic has a 13th zodiac known as Ophiuchus, which sits in line with Scorpio, right before Sagittarius. Soul Service Astrology has included this sign because the planets do move through this Zodiac as the ecliptic passes through it, just like it does with all the other signs.

Another thing to note, when bringing astrology and astronomy together, the zodiac boundaries are all uneven. Modern Tropical, and some versions of Sidereal Astrology divide them into 30 degrees each, which is inaccurate. Soul Service Astrology accepts that the zodiac is physically uneven and what you will find in astronomical placements.

Yes! I’m ready to become the Astrologer of my Life and Service!

Structure of the Program

Soul Service Astrology offers a doorway into our own consciousness.

As above, So below.

As within, So without.

Astrology is a language used to describe archetypal energies and the way they interplay with each other. All indigenous cultures, prior to our colonised one, had a special relationship to the heavens and aligned their lives with planetary and seasonal movements. We are part of nature.

As modern people we have all but lost our connection to the natural cycles and in so doing have lost our connection to the spiritual and ecological laws that govern our highest purpose and conscious abundance.

It’s time to reconnect to the earth, moon, stars and planets to become a symbiotic part of the whole universe. In doing so you will reconnect to yourself, emotions, story and purpose and claim your conscious wealth in service.

Soul Service Astrology is delivered over 4 x 9-week terms

DATES: 31 January 2022 – 9 December 2022.

What’s Included?

Digital Curriculum

Soul Service Astrology recordings and workbooks will be all housed within a standalone course platform. Forteen Chapters of in-depth content including a documented Soul Service Plan so you know your very next step once you finish the program. Plus recorded Guided Journey’s, Case Studies and opportunities to practice your learnings!

LIVE Group Q&A Calls

16 x LIVE group Q&A calls via Zoom. One per Chapter (fortnight) (4 per Term). Can’t make a call? Ask your questions prior to the call and then watch the recording in the course platform.

Private Mentoring

8 x 40 minute private mentoring calls (2 per Term). Go deep into your Natal Chart and Transits with Kellie. You transform while you learn!

Messanger Access

Access to your Teacher between Calls! 15 minutes per week Monday to Thursday 9-3pm AEST

Experiential Circles

One of the key features of Soul Service Astrology is the Experiential Method. See it in action, experience it and then facilitate yourself. There will be 1 x Experiential Circle held at the end of each Term.

Private Facebook Group

Interact, ask questions, connect and form community with all the Soul Service Astrology students.

9 August 2021 weekly Astrology update


Term 1

Chapter 1: The History of Western Astrology and the Solar System. Honoring and Acknowledging Source Knowledge!

Chapter 2: The Planets – Planetary movements symbolise patterns of energy. Understanding these patterns and their timing, helps us to dance with them rather than against and explore our highest potential through different lenses.

Chapter 3: The Zodiacs – Through history we have observed the sky and crafted images and meaning from it. This is our deeper connection to the cosmos, beyond our Solar System. As within so without, as above so below.

Chapter 4: The Houses and The Angles – The houses represent aspects of self and the areas of life. They show us where the energies of the planets, signs and aspects are playing out and give us the opportunity to reflect and evolve.

Term 2

Chapter 5: The Moon and Nodes – The Moon does not have its own light, it reflects the sun’s light. The Moon is the innate, instinctive dimension of the personality and by working with it we come into alignment with our true nature.

Chapter 6: The Aspects – Energetically the aspects between planets, either within our Natal Chart or the Transits, offer us opportunities to grow and thrive. These opportunities can come as challenging ways of being or situations that offer ease and flow. Knowing what these are for yourself and your clients offers incredible insight into how to step into your highest potential.

Chapter 7: The Archetypes – Holism assumes the entire universe is one whole system and that, within the great whole, there are lesser wholes whose structures, patterns and functions correspond to that greater whole. Soul Service Astrology shares the same philosophy, and also follows the ecological laws of interconnection, biodiversity and finite resources. Access different archetypal energies and expressions for yourself and your clients, to awaken new aspects of the self, expand consciousness and come back into healthy relationship with the whole.

Chapter 8: Intuitive and Experiential YOU! – Learn how to let your Intuition LEAD and incorporate Intuitive and Experiential Alchemy for your client, facilitating a life changing experience . The ‘how to’ of client lead Experiential Astrology.

Term 3

Chapter 9: Natal Chart Plotting – First Principles and Software – Learn how to draw a natal chart from first principles and then using astrology software. This is an essential skill set for any astrologer.

Chapter 10: Chart Interpretation – The Big Picture: Main aspects and aspect patterns. How to evaluate a birth chart accurately for your clients!

Chapter 11: Chart Interpretation – The Detail: Chart imbalances and triangle of power. Bringing everything together and crafting the Astrological Alchemical Experience

Chapter 12: The Transits, Tracking and Life Stages – Learn how to track the current movements of the planets in relation to a natal chart and understand the power present in the archetypal journey of our life stages. Reveals our unique story and that of our clients, to give meaning to our life journey and its purpose.

Term 4

Chapter 13: Solar Returns and Introduction to Synastry (weeks 1 – 2) – The sun is our closest star and there are energetic messages each time we celebrate our solar return (aka our Birthday!). Synastry is the overlaying of two Birth Charts to evaluate the archetypal power and dynamics in the relationship between two souls. This work is powerful for navigating key relationships in your own life and for supporting clients to do the same.

Chapter 14: Your Alchemical Soul Service Plan (weeks 3-4) bring all of your Alchemy together in a documented plan for your Life and Business. This will help you plan your offers and ongoing service.

Facilitation of Experiential Method (week 3) within a group Circle. Students will be asked to use the experiential method on each other while Kellie observes.

Case Studies (Weeks 4 to 9) – These final weeks together example case studies of natal charts, transit charts, solar returns and Synastry charts will be presented and students will be asked to present one of theirs in one of the 3 group calls. We will be able to discuss and support each other using real life examples.

Please request and read the full course outline below for all term dates and course inclusions.

9 August 2021 weekly Astrology update

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Payment Plan

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The program is invoiced via Xero after your interview.

Other people’s experience

What was your life/business like before studying Soul Service Astrology?

Before studying soul service astrology I was ready to return to working for myself after a time in employment, but I KNEW I wasn’t in full alignment the last time I was in business for myself and that the understanding available to me through accurate astrology would help. I wasn’t sure HOW, I followed my intuition to learn more.

V Crewes – Sydney

Why did you choose to study Soul Service Astrology?

To have another tool to live and work more in alignment with my true nature and to share that with my clients in ways that helped them grow their business from soul radiance (rather than against their own true nature! I had done that before and felt the PAIN).

V Crewes – Sydney

Were you hoping to achieve something during the program?

Deeper understanding of myself from my natal chart and how I work best and how different souls incarnated to do things in their own unique way and how to understand that through their natal chart, to channel that information through for them.

V Crewes – Sydney

How are you using the knowledge/tools you’ve gained?

To support myself and my clients through spiritual, personal and business transformation. I’ve incorporated it into my soul and business channeling and offers. It has completely transformed the way I live, work and serve.

V Crewes – Sydney

What does your life/business look like now?

I now run my business in alignment with who I really am. I am FREE!

V Crewes – Sydney

“I had been thinking about Astrology on & off for a few years. I knew Kellie had a scientific background so was intrigued by the type of Astrology that she was using. I hadn’t heard of 13 sign sidereal astrology prior talking to Kellie. Once Kellie had explained the difference between the 2 types (the other being Typical), Sidereal Astrology made sense that it followed what we could see in the sky above us. Just like our ancestors before us. That’s where I felt drawn back to my roots.

I wanted to undertake Soul Service Astrology course to understand how the planets have influenced my past & how I can use this new knowledge to guide my focus & intuition to be able to influence my future. The more I learn about the planets, zodiac signs & aspects the more I realise just how powerful the connection is between humans & the universe once we open ourselves to listening to the wisdom & guidance.”

T Sargent - Sydney

“Kellie made me fall in love with astrology again. I love her perfect balance of science and spirituality in her approach. Kellie is super passionate, knowledgeable, insightful and intuitive. It shows through all of her training and her content… I never knew I could be so deeply connected with the planets and my natal chart. Working with her has really helped me understand my own calling and purpose, which allows me to act more in alignment with my business & in life. I cannot recommend Kellie enough”

A Wang - Sydney

“Firstly, I want to say I am so grateful for having Kellie come into my life, I love her work, her attitude to just go for it and her courage. Hiding my true potential/light was a hurdle which Kellie eased for me with the transit report. As a seeker (did you notice the new reference to being Sagittarius haha) – I am also blown away about astrology and what it has to offer.
You have taught me so much! Thank you from the depths of my soul for getting me more in touch with the Earth cycles, planets, moon and sun and also more importantly, believing in my own intuitive abilities. I will be forever grateful.”

C Savage - Hervey Bay

Program Creator and Director

Hello gorgeous Alchemist!!

I’m Kel! You are SO welcome here! I am the creator of Soul Service Astrology, my program for you to become the Astrologer of your life, reconnect to your creativity and imagination via the natural cycles, clarify your service, ditch expectation and embody your Freedom to Shine!

You CAN create a life and career/business filled with pleasure, success, joy, love, ease and conscious abundance!

Soul Service Astrology is a portal for you to embody in your OWN soul service to share with your clients in your unique field and specialisation. Through this work, we will help people reclaim themselves, their power and return to their ecological and alchemical selves so they can Live Life on their terms!

Why study with me?

I studied Astrology as a 21 year old and have used it in my life ever since – relating the planets to archetypal energies to support me in my Life and Career. They are not separate.

I also hold a Masters and Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and have previously worked for over 20 years as a scientist. I’ve integrated the core critical analytical techniques a scientist needs to apply when examining data and interpreting results. Plus I’m a Virgo Sun right next to my mid-heaven, I love details and they need to be accurate! Which is what I bring to Soul Service Astrology.

I utilise 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology accessing the power of our perception of the Solar System in our time for us to reprogram our subconscious patterning and experience our Soul and Service this lifetime.

We are created of the same atomic and sub-atomic particles that were present during the big bang singularity. Yes, we truly are stardust. However, the planets have no power over us. They allow us an opportunity to explore the archetypal qualities they represent (which humans have defined), examine this in our own lives and experientially co-create a journey this lifetime. Astrology is an instrument or tool, into our own consciousness.

I look forward to journeying with you!

Kellie's Story so far.

In 2017 we were a mess. Financially, we had a MASSIVE mortgage and had renovated so were staring down the barrel of an even BIGGER one.

I was doing freelance work which was very inconsistent.

Hubs was working on the St. Peters interchange project in Sydney and was being absolutely flogged, 12 hour days 6 days a week with no end in slight. The only thing he knew how to do was drink in an attempt to ease the stress.

I was not managing our money properly. So yeah, money was coming in but it was also going out at the same pace!

We brought a flat off the plan in Melbourne at the end of 2015, AFTER I resigned from a job 🤦, it was meant to complete in 2019.

We hit a wall. Or I guess rock bottom.

Sean was stressed to the max in a job, I was stressed to the max wondering how we’re going to pay for all this.

The thought?

We both have to work THIS hard to keep this lifestyle?

We’re never going to see the kids! We’ll be working they’ll be in school or before and after care.

I was devastated. And suffering.

At the time I was studying with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence and my intuition whispered…

What do you REALLY want?

I asked Sean this question too, and we both responded Bush and Beach.

That’s all that kept me going to find a way out.

That question was asked in August 2017, by the end of September 2017 we had a plan out and a move to the Central Coast in Dec 2017. Yeah, that’s how fast!

Fast forward to now, we have no debt.

We got our money back on the off the plan apartment (all I can say is know your contracts if you want out) AND we have bush and beach ALL THE TIME.

My Venus and Saturn sit right on top of each other in the 8th House, the 8th is transformation BUT also joint finances and intimate relationships. So my desires and success are linked to my transformation and partnerships. When I’ve made big leaps, it’s been with Sean.

This is the power of subconscious reprogramming using the planets and your intuitive intelligence as the instruments.

You do not need to suffer. We were not put here to suffer. We are here to enjoy and shine our unique light, our purpose into the world. This is my offering to you.

Other things about Kellie.

Kellie is a Certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer with The Institute of Intuitive Intelligence, a 500-hr qualified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP).

I’m mum (Virgo) to 2 boys (one Gemini and one Aries) and wife to a beach and water loving man who really could be a fish, he is that comfortable in water (Pisces/Aquarius cusp!).

My favourite colour is purple. I love trees and tattoos. I dig dancing and the beach. I like alternative rock n roll and world music. And will dance madly to both.

I want restore our relationship with Earth so my children can enjoy her abundance regeneratively.

I also want to live my life like I’m on holidays ALL.THE.TIME. Not when the system tells me when I can retire!