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I’ve been asked a few times about what age we are in and what it means. Once by a student and once by an audience member.

It’s confusing because humans have observed this phenomena and made it a ‘thing’.

The age’s are based on a divine dance between our Earth and our glorious Star the Sun AND humans perception of it.

A picture says a thousand words as I explain this – listen to the video!

Equator – projected into space

Ecliptic – projected into space

Sun – at the point where these 2 meet = either the vernal (spring) or autumnal equinox

Our human defined age is the apparent zodiac position of the northern hemisphere Vernal Equinox. BUT what zodiac position??? It’s the zodiac POSITION that get us confused!!!

Tropical Western Astrologers place the age, as per the Sidereal (in relation to the Stars) Vernal Equinox. But that’s not how they map their charts.

To add to the confusion – tropical astrologers and many Sidereal Astrologers still use a 30-degree division of each zodiac. Again, you’ll see the demo the constellations aren’t a neat 30 degrees.

Where is the current Vernal Equinox located in relation to the Zodiac (13-sign sidereal style of course!). I’m used a desktop version of Stellarium – which is an astronomy program!!!

1. You can see the Sun is directly overhead the cross over point of the ecliptic and the equator. If projected out into space you’d see Pisces!

So we are in the Age of Pisces!

2. Fast forward to 2700 is when we’ll see the Vernal equinox moving into Aquarius. Remember because of the wobble of the earth on its axis. The equinox will drift backwards 1 degree every 72 years.


Please feel free to inquire with your own reasoning mind. I also want you to think from an observational perspective and then you can draw your own meaning from it. WE ARE ALLOWED TO DO THAT!

There is plenty of archetypal meaning in this astronomical event.

1. The lengths of our days are even. There’s balance in the air. A harmony. You could use that to explore perhaps where you feel harmonious or where you don’t?

2. In the northern hemisphere light filled days and warmth will now start to increase. This has a physiological affect on us humans!! We tend to move more, get out and about and connect. You could examine how an increase in light or warmth influence you?

3. In the southern hemisphere darkness will start in increase and days will get a bit cooler. Again this has a physiological affect on us humans. We want to hibernate, less movement, perhaps more inner reflection. How would you like to use this time in the Southern Hemisphere?

All 3 of those are examples of how we can use the Sun and it’s position to reflect on our experience.

This doesn’t answer the question about the ages though right?

If we use Astrology acasually – as above so below – is its position in Pisces reflective of our experience here on earth?

Astrologically this event is a big picture view for the collective. The Vernal equinox stays in a sign for a long time. It’s been in Pisces basically since 0 CE. Pisces has the archetypal quality of the Mystic. Wants unity and interconnectedness privileged. Wants our Spiritual nature integrated with our Intellectual nature – as were not separate.

We’ve had 2022 years of the age of Pisces. It certainly started when Christianity started and then boomed through the roman empire. But it seems we have been become very separate from our Spiritual and Mystical nature?

Many metaphysical practices are branded as woo and pseudoscience – this all comes from what the romans did in the crusades – wipe out anything that didn’t agree with their philosophy.
Western thought theory and science was another nail in our Mystical natures coffin. The reasoning mind has been privileged.

So you might be thinking – well Kel how has this demonstrated what you suggested – that this current age is reflective of our collective experience on earth – which Pisces is all about non-dualism and spirituality?

Thinking non-dualistically – are we experiencing the extreme shadow side of Pisces to learn as a species? Addicted to our fantasies and dreams. Ignoring and suppressing our truest deepest spiritual nature – because we’ve constructed in the west an illusion (which is deeply damaging the global south!!!)?

Could it be over the next 675 years or so we need to wake up and return to our cosmological nature! So that when we move into the Age of Aquarius in 2700 we are both a technologically advanced and ecologically connected species??

We need to wake up now to the damage we can see to our Planet and humanity. Privileged white westerners are the ones who need to step up and change.

That’s my take on the Age we are in. It’s up to YOU if it matters or not.

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