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What’s My Sidereal Sun Sign?

The truth is 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology is connected to what you can see in the sky, either when you were born or right now.


Tropical Astrology has locked the bodies to the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.

For example, when a Tropical Astrologer says the Moon is Full in Capricorn its actually located in Sagittarius. Why is this?

Tropical Astrology does not account for precession which is the wobble of the earth’s axis. This causes the equinox to drift approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Thus, Tropical Astrology is 28 degrees ahead of where you can observe the planet in the sky. Additionally, there is a 13th zodiac on the ecliptic, Ophiuchus, sitting between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Have a listen to the YouTube video for more detail.

Sidereal (from the latin word Sidus meaning Star) Astrology relates the bodies to the constellations and can be traced back to 2600 BC when the Babylonians were watching the moving stars (visible planets) to the fixed stars (Zodiac) along the ecliptic (where the planets revolve around the sun). Importantly, using Sidereal Astrology, the planets can be observed in the sky.

Your Sidereal Sun Sign is listed in the image above.

This is the way Astrology was born, humans looking to the sky and divining meaning from it. We are physiologically wired to the sun through our circadian rhythms, woman wired to the moon with their mensural cycles and all atomic and sub-atomic particles present when the Earth formed with all the other planets, haven’t gone anywhere, we are them condensed into these particular human forms. The natural world as cycles is alive and divine, possessed with personality.

From Nicholas Campion
Astrology is marked by the search for meaning in the sky, amongst the stars and planets and in the sun and moon. It deals with the effects of the heavenly bodies, their role as divine messengers, as seasonal markers and heralds of night or day, and the dangers of darkness and the liberation that comes with the dawn. It presents the sky as a source of awe, wonder and meaning, as sacred canopy which shelters the earth below.”

You don’t JUST watch a sunrise or full moon because its pretty. You watch it with awe and wonderment, reverence and silence. It takes you out of your mundane and into a place of inspiration FULL of possibilities.

We were born with the Planets and Stars, we are part of this Planet, deeply connected in the molecular and ecological energy exchange.

Don’t believe me? Then hold your breath.

13 Sign Sidereal Astrology, refers to Astronomy in relation to where the planets and stars can be observed from our Home, Planet Earth in this Age.

Why would we be referring to the Planets any other way??


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