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Work with me

I am a Life Coach and Astrologer. Here to show you how to reconnect to the rhythms of nature, clarifying and activating your purpose and service this lifetime, and living your renewable and sustainable freedom lifestyle filled with joy, love and ease!

Life Coaching

Freedom seekers ready to kick, stress, hustling, overspending, guilt and big debts to the curb and move ahead to fulfil your purpose, service, BIG goals, BE with your family, generate ethical wealth, work less and start to build the lifestyle of your DESIRES!

All in alignment with your values for a more renewable / sustainable future.

Soul Service

Astrology Course

BE-come the Astrologer of your Life.

The course provides access to training and coaching to become a 13-sign Sidereal Astrologer, either for yourself or, to support your business/clients.

Students will learn the history of western astrology, traditional astrology theory, they will practice and experience, both natal astrology and transiting astrology. Additionally, this course will personally and professionally develop you and deepen / activate your Intuitive abilities.

This is not Astrology as you know it. This is Astrology with a Purpose. To serve you and your business.

Birth Chart

A single 90 minute Birth Chart Evaluation will jump start the conversation with your Soul and Service. Mapped using Modern 13-sign Sidereal Astrology. We cast a circle of the energy that reflects your Service this lifetime. Receive channeled guidance directly from the energy of your mission.


Sidereal Stars – Facebook Group

A group of like minded Seekers, you will receive Monthly and Weekly Celestial Quality Updates and how to use, monthly Moon Rituals, weekly Transit Charts AND monthly 13-sign Sidereal Astrology trainings. All to support your service and lifestyle desires.