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Kellie is both a Scientist and Astrologer on a mission. A mission to reunite humanity with our ecological and cosmological selves, igniting awe and imagination and creating our new vision for Earth, together!

Humans have been gazing at the planets and Stars for thousands, if not millions of years. Just as the moon pulls on our body’s waters and the sun dictates our circadian rhythm, the movement of the planets are reflective of both the cycles on Earth and the changes within each of us.

Kellie has worked as an environmental scientist for over 20 years at the same time she was learning and practicing Astrology. Kellie has also trained as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and Yoga Teacher.

Kellie uses 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology which is observational astrology and matches what we can see in the sky. Kellie believes we need to observe our environment, including the planets and stars, to come back into connection with it. Modern mainstream western astrology does not correlate to what can be seen in the sky.

Kellie works with successful professionals to activate environmentally conscious businesses, intuition and creativity through mentoring and professional development enabling them to deliver even more potent and powerful results for your clients while living a joy filled life!

Soul Service 2023 Astrological Planner

Pre Order Now for 2023

This planner is for the successful professional soul led entrepreneurs who still love a physical planner and want to plan their day, week and month in alignment with the Moon, solar Season and Stars so you can lead an easeful, joy filled and creative Life and Business!

The Soul Service 2023 Astrological Planner aims to provide a beautiful and simple way to plan your day, week, month and year. The planner has been designed to be led by the lunar months, which begin on each New Moon and the four Solar points, Spring/Autumn Equinox’s and Summer/Winter Solstices. Planning with these two celestial phenomena front and centre allows you to remember you were born from the Planets and Stars! Igniting Awe! Awe is an amazing emotion. It allows us to feel connected to the essence of something greater than us, be more compassionate, behave in a more and expand into opportunities in an environmentally conscious way!

Each day has space for your appointments and key tasks and includes a main astrological transit, these are the angles the planets make with each other as observed from Earth. This is an additional opportunity to connect and get curious with the different archetypal energies, presenting us a chance to explore any shifts or changes we desire to make. The planner includes an easy-to-follow AstroMatrix so you can start learning about the archetypal qualities of the planets and how they express in each Zodiac and together.

This planner also has a double page spread after each week which is dot lined and blank for notes on what’s happening in your environment (inner and outer of course!), ideas, sparks of inspiration, journalling and creativity!

Pre-order Now!

Who is this planner for?

Humans, creatives, entrepreneurs and regenerators. Where planning, journalling and creating merge with the viewing of our celestial neighbourhood, our closest celestial body the moon and our seasonal environment. To give us opportunities to pause, reflect, observe and tend to our ecological self. The self that is the Earth, interconnected. But also, to be fully human and plan our days.

More than just a Birth Chart!

You’re a successful online soul led entrepreneur who facilitates amazing transformations using your expertise, creativity and intuition!

You feel it’s time to increase your power to serve enabling new opportunities and you are so ready to drop the BS beliefs, get grounded, amplify creativity and fun (that’s why you’re in business after all!), all the while showing up and serving in a manner that puts planet and people first, so you can step out more powerfully as a visible leader!

Book an ALIGNED 1:1 session with me TODAY. I use your 13-sign Sidereal Birth Chart, Transits and Intuitive Intelligence to help you drop the BS beliefs, get grounded and amplify creativity and fun!

I’m both a practicing astrologer and scientist. For over 20 years I have tracked the  Planets and stars all the while mentoring scientists, fine artists, Intuitive Business Coaches, UX designers, Design Managers, Yoga teachers and Naturopaths. I’m pioneering a shift to 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology in Australia and I’m the creator of Soul Service Astrology the future of Astrology reunified with Astronomy. It’s time to end separation with the Planet, expand into our creativity, magnetise opportunities and reimagine our Earth.

This is a 90 minute online 1:1 session.

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Eco Alchemy

Eco Alchemy will be your collective and place to be heard and held. A regenerative space for sharing, purging, connection and celebrating!

This collective is for you if:
You’re a creative, wellness professional, intuitive guide, energy worker, lightworker, healer, mystic, alchemist or mindset coach and you’re seeking regular conversations, support and grounding with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What’s included?

  • Detailed Daily Planetary aspects and interpretation available a week in advance! It provides invitations and opportunities for you to explore, inquire and play via the portal of the planets! This is the only space I share this information.
  • Monthly New Moon online Circles for conversing and sharing. Personalised, time specific astrological wisdom and space to talk through it based on your chart each Month!
  • Community space and place outside of social media (podia)!
  • Adhoc Extras – meditations, masterclasses and Energy Evaluations!

You can join monthly ($55/mth) or annually ($590/year).

If you join annually, I will also provide a 20 minute recorded evaluation of your 13-Sign Sidereal Birth Chart.

An online Collective to tend to our Mystical Intelligence, our Alchemy in deep communion with Earth and Sky.

Hope, Imagination, rejoice, rejuvenate, restore, reimagine and recalibrate!

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Facebook Group

Sidereal stars with Kellie G

This is a FREE group run by Kellie. Tap into the Energy of the Planets and Stars, access your consciousness and SHINE your Soul and Service into the world! This group provides weekly Celestial Energies. Plus regular astro updates and monthly energy evaluations.

Soul Service

Astrology Professional

Become the Astrologer of your Life and Service


2023 Enrollment opens October 2022

Soul Service Astrology professional training program will qualify and certify you as a professional 13-sign Sidereal Astrologer.

You will learn the history of western astrology, traditional astrology theory, natal astrology and transiting astrology. Additionally, this course will personally and professionally develop you and deepen / activate your Intuitive abilities so that you can utilise them in your own life and in service of others.

This is not Astrology as you know it. This is practical Astrology with a purpose; To serve you and your business.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Humans have been gazing at the Planets and Stars for thousands if not millions of years. We inherently know the cycles of the Planets are reflective of the cycles on Earth and within us!

Soul Service Astrology presents an opportunity to observe and align with the movements of the Planets as a practice enabling us to access our Intuition, clarify our Purpose and Service and calibrate, regularly, to a higher frequency, the frequency of your highest potential, the frequency of your Freedom, to shine!

Soul Service Astrology transforms you into the Astrologer of your Life, you embody and integrate your Wisdom and Power. It then teaches you how to share this in your Business with your Clients.