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Kellie is a Circle Facilitator, Transpersonal Coach and practicing Environmental Scientist she is on a mission to reunite people with Nature freeing ourselves from systemic mindset. She believes companioning with Nature to heal the system within, will heal the system without.

Humans have been moving with the seasons and gazing at the planets and stars since time eternal. Just as the moon pulls on our body’s waters and the sun dictates our circadian rhythms, the movement of the planets are reflective of both the cycles on Earth and the changes within each of us. Kellie has been a Circle Facilitor since 2019, she aims to support her clients via invoking awareness towards their regeneration and facilitating change, renewal, growth and/or acceptance.

In her work, she applies Ecological Astrology, an observational astrology system that, unlike mainstream astrology, aligns with what we can see in our environment and the sky. Kellie is disrupting the white western capitalist narrative that we cannot be Ecologically Intuitive and Nature Connected and teaches her clients they have everything they need to allow their Soul Pathway to move them.

A Creatrix at heart she curates the design and publishing of the annual Soul Service Celestial Planner, facilitates the Witxh CHURCH community and developed and ran Soul Service Astrology Professional, training 13-Sign Sidereal Astrologers in 2020 and 2021.

She is a qualified Circle Facilitor with Mitle Southey of Circle School, 500-hour Yoga Teacher, Certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and retired Professional Bellydancer (18 years). She is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Coaching at Swinbourne University.

Mother to two wildings and partnered with a Kracken, Kellie lives on the Central Coast of NSW Australia and fills her world with bush and beach, journals, writing, delicious (local organic) food, dirt and imagination.

We are not meant to be chained to a desk, trapped indoors worshipping screens. We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired because we were told we were dirty and wrong for connecting into our sensuality with Earth.

Daugher of the Earth, Welcome to Witxh Church.

An annual spiral with the sacred seasons, honouring yourself and our Great Mother as one. A place to Worship the Feminine, a place to Worship yourself, a place to Worship and Honour natures cycles. A space to mother your Yearning and Reconnect and embrace the Wild Witxh within unshackling yourself from limits and negative self-beliefs to rise as the Queen of Sovereignty in your Life, leading with Eco Intuition and Soul.

Witxh CHURCH is for the woman who needs community & connection with like-hearted souls, accountability towards what matters most to them and a deep kinship with Natures Cycles, as an antidote to our current disconnected culture & society.

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So what is Witxh CHURCH?

Witxh Church is not wicca or witchcraft, although it does draw on the Nature connective elements of these traditions. At it’s core Witxh Church is a woman’s circle for woman to commune, connect, shift limiting beliefs, lead/attune with intuition and companion with the wisdom of Natures Cycles.

The Foundational Principles of Witxh Church are:

  1. We are all connected and interconnected. We are Earth.
  2. Nature knows best. We listen, see, feel, know.
  3. Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. We are energy first.

Each Circle is crafted to invoke and facilitate your personal experience towards regeneration with the planets and seasonal wheel. For you this could be change, renewal, growth or acceptance.

Our ancestors lived in connection with the wild cycles for millions of years. Harnessing this ancient wisdom is encoded into your DNA and is the key to not only to our survival but our thriving.

The world is changing rapidly there is no time to waste unleashing your Wild Witxh and harnessing your Eco Intuition. This is the way to create your reality, an antidote, a mother f$&king vibration towards that which matters most.

Each gathering will be facilitated as a Circle, co-created online for each of the seasonal Sabbats (2 hrs) and new and full moons (1 hr) as mapped out in the Soul Service Celestial Planner.

That’s eight (8) seasonal Sabbats, 13 Full Moons and 12 New Moons.

The Soul Service Celestial Planner is the modern Witxhes Bible – a daily anchor into your Wild Witxhy-ness.

You receive a copy as part of your Membership.

Soul Service Celestial Planner 2024-2025

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DIGITAL version now available $22

Planner Starts 18 March 2024

This planner is for you to remember.

Remember your environment.

Earth and sky.

Remember you are the environment.

The reason we react to the subtle environmental shifts like the seasons, full moon and eclipses, is that capitalism has separated us from our environment.

Our ancient ancestors responded. Considered and deliberate.

What if you could relearn this ancient innate knowledge of moving though your day, week, month and year with the seasons and moons? End pushing through, hustling and burn out?

The Soul Service Celestial Planner is your first step in reuniting to your environment allowing you to craft a lifestyle that works for you rather than against.

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Who is this planner for?

Humans, creatives, entrepreneurs and regenerators.

This planner is for those of us that want opportunities to pause, reflect, observe and tend to our ecological self. The self that is the Earth, interconnected. But also, to be fully human and plan our days.

It is where planning, journalling and creating merge with the viewing of our celestial neighbourhood, our closest celestial body – the moon – and our seasonal environment.

Witxh Wound Re-wind

The witxh wound is carried by all woman, perhaps even some men. The feminine energies started to be eliminated from our (western) way of being around 3000 BCE it was a slow process removing the feminine from positions of interconnected power with nature, the divine and culture and society. And it was also horrific and bloody. Many woman have died. This pain lives deep within our psyche and can show up as unhealthy relationships, burnout, over achieving, procrasination, etc.

We can heal this wound and it can become our power. Yes we were killed and vulnerable but now we rise and we are NOT afraid!

Return to divine, wild and dark feminine interconnectedness! See yourself as energy first, companion with Nature and amplify your Eco-Intuition.

In a Witxh Wound Re-Wind session we use sub-conscious deep dive, archeypal channelling, breath work, movement, birth chart evaluation and/or experiential journeying.

This is a sacred space for your spiritual activation back into you Witxhdom!

Book a Witxh Wound Re-Wind session – 90 Minute all online 1:1 session with me.

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